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Why Bestwood

Delivering Vibrance with Quality

For ease of craft and aesthetic quality, Bestwood can be custom ordered in a range of vibrant premium quality colours as listed here.

Coffee Brown
Why Bestwood
Glue It Right

Bestwood PVC Foam Boards can be attached to each other or wood/laminates/veneers to render additional strength and thickness if your application demands so. In order to gain perfect finish and durability when doing so, we recommend the following adhesives.

For attaching Bestwood boards to each other:

We recommend any PVC to PVC glue.

Bestwood can also be used as a base board for lamination with HPL, veneer or any other material so as to ensure additional strength and protection against warping.
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Bestwood is a highly eco-friendly material as it does not involve cutting of trees and usage of harsh chemicals. Moreover Bestwood can be recycled and reused. This ensures that Bestwood greatly saves on money and resources.

Multilayer Wave Technology - MWaT

The Multilayer Wave Technology or MwaT used by BESTWOOD helps it to constantly manufacture the production line with proven quality. The automated system determines the easy forming of the boards and also prevents bubble mixing. The MwaT allows the even foaming & good fluidity of smooth surface and shape of our final boards. Moreover, MwaT ensure that the proper amount of each chemical is used in the formula.

Assuring A Definite Edge

BESTWOOD PVC foam board’s advantageous physical attributes make it a fabricator’s dream. Be it for any purpose, BESTWOOD assures easy handling, installation and aesthetics with countless advantages.

  • Best to Cut
  • Best to Saw
  • Best to Shear
  • Best to Punching
  • Best to Drill
  • Best to Mill
  • Best to Rivet
  • Best to Screw into
  • Best to Paint on
  • Best to Print on
  • Best to Photo Mount on
  • Best to Bend and Adapt
  • Best to Engrave upon
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Ensuring Better Bargain

Bestwood offers several benefits over wood, in terms of attributes and cost. Having consistent cell structure and bond strength helps Bestwood score this edge.

Characteristics Bestwood Regular Wood Plywood MDF
Durability Highly durability owing to physical attributes Susceptible to external factors and degradation Susceptible to decay under wet weather conditions Highly vulnerable to disfiguration when in contact with water
Workability Lighter and easy to handle and work upon Heavy and difficult to work upon/install Edges and thickness not alterable Heavy and clumsy to work with
Fire Retardancy 100% fire retardant Susceptible to fire Must be specially treated to retard fire Must be specially treated to retard fire
Warping Does not warp (As per guidelines) Warps at the slightest defect in production May warp or expand if not sealed properly May warp or expand if not sealed properly
Designing / Thermoforming Can be thermoformed- helping it to be adapted according to different utilities Cannot be easily designed upon Difficult edges and susceptible to splinters. Designing not possible Dense and impossible to custom design
Cost & Sourcing Economical and easier to source Is expensive and difficult to source Is expensive when labour cost is also calculated Is expensive when labour cost is also calculated
Environment Friendliness Is most eco friendly and can be recycled Involves deforestation Uses harsh chemicals that can off-gas Uses harsh chemicals that can off-gas
Moisture Susceptibility Is rot free and moisture proof Highly vulnerable to the effects of moisture Susceptible to moisture Highly susceptible to the effects of moisture
Fabrication / Printing Ease to fabricate/ print on as Bestwood has smooth matte surface on both sides Difficult to fabricate and print on Difficult to cut detailed designs Impossible to stain properly. Dense and difficult to fabricate
Split Resistance Does not crack Prone to splitting Edges highly prone to splitting Strips when screwed into
UV Resistance Highly resistant to UV rays Very prone to effects of UV rays Susceptible to UV rays Susceptible to UV rays
Provision for Exact Customisation

BESTWOOD is offered in the international standard dimension measuring 1 mm to 25 mm. Owing to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Polyon Industries, BESTWOOD PVC Foam Boards can be custom ordered in a thickness range varying from 1 mm to 25 mm, within which, densities ranging from .50 g/cc to .80 g/cc are also available. This unique advantage of BESTWOOD ensures that you can get Boards of your preference hassle-free within the shortest duration. BESTWOOD will match the exact specifications that your application demands.