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Residential Interiors

BESTWOOD offers customized foam boards that are beneficial to fabricate beautiful and long lasting kitchen cabinets, artistic wall cladding, bedroom cupboards, cabinets for bathrooms, dining furniture for living rooms and as a durable book shelf for book lovers.
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Kitchen Cabinet
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Display Unit
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Wall Shelf
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Door Constructions
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Interior Designs
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Sliding Wardrobe
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False Ceilings
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Walls and Partitions
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Bathroom Related
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Bathroom Wardrobe
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CNC Cutting
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Home Office Space
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Kids Room Wardrobe
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Study Room Table
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Living Room Table
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Bedroom Table

Commercial Interiors

Being light and easy to craft, BESTWOOD is best suited for commercial interior designing. BESTWOOD has the finest properties suitable for making partitions, wall paneling, cloth cabinets, furniture and cash counters.
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Counters & Partitions
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Display Furniture
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Exhibition Stands
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Interior Designs
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False Ceilings
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CNC Cutting
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Walls and Partitions
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Office Accessories
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Model & Prototypes
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Panels & Cabins

Advertising & Promotional Utility

BESTWOOD is extremely durable, light weight and weather resistant, making it perfect for crafting exhibition stalls, event decor, signage, laser engraving materials and so on.
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Stall Paneling

Insulation & Paneling

BESTWOOD'S products have great insulation capabilities and good acoustic effects. Their ability to withstand heat and moisture are also commendable making them a good choice for paneling and insulation.
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Wall Paneling
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Ventilation Duct