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Bestwood has several impressive features that make it a sounder choice than wood, Plywood and MDF which has been the conventional choice.
Fine Cell Structure
The closed cell structure of PVC used in the production of Bestwood provides it several benefits ranging from light weight to low moisture absorption. Made of polarized molecules, Bestwood’s extruded boards can be cut into any shape.
Fabrication Friendly
Bestwood can be cut, sawed, screwed, engraved and drilled into seamlessly. Such physical properties of Bestwood makes it easy to mount and fabricate. They also render Bestwood suitable for a large array of utilities. In addition, Bestwood also ensures aesthetics and perfection as it can be painted onto finely.
Weighs Lighter
Bestwood weights very less compared to conventional raw materials. Being light makes Bestwood easy to handle, install and work with. Yet Bestwoos offers firmness and durability for all kinds of applications.
Arrests Termite Attacks
Bestwood’s extruded boards are completely termite proof. This is a greatly beneficial feature, especially in countries like India, as Bestwood conserves your products from insects and maintains them with quality and appeal.
Bestwood is nonflammable and therefore greatly safe and hard-wearing. This property gives Bestwood a clear edge over wood and makes it extremely suitable for institutional and residential furnishing.
Whiter than Most Whites
Bestwood has benn formulated after a great deal of R & D. The quality colour pigmentation imparts Bestwood a very bright white colour, This ensures that Bestwood a very bright white colour. This ensures that Bestwood has the best in class reproduction and UV stability leading to excellent print precision and quality. This in addition to the smooth matt surface of Bestwood makes it truly the best material for vinyl graphics, screen and digital printing.
Resilient to Warping
Warping is a major disadvantage with wood happens all the time due to erroneous processing and quality issues. Being foam PVC boards. Bestwood is resilient to warping ensuring more life and appeal. (As per guidelines)
Immune to Moisture
Products from Bestwood has excellent immunity to moisture and vapour offering proper protection from wet weather. This unique feature ensures that signage and promotional equipment crafter from Bestwood lasts through tough weathers. Bestwood is also ideal for furnishing it protects things from moisture and ensures longer life.
Toxin Free
Bestwood offers non toxic boards that are safe to live around and use reularly. A health consious feature, this ensures that Bestwood can be used without any concerns about harmful compounds like Formaldehyde and TVOC.
Efficiently Customised
To match your requirements with perfection, Bestwood offers customised solutions in terms of size and colour. Thanks to the excellent manufacturing capabilities of Polyon Industries. You could order as per your architectural requirements and find the material ready promptly. This ensures savings on both time and cost.
High Impact Strength
One of the most favourable features of Bestwood is its high impact strength, which makes it apt for insulation, display boards and furnishing. Bestwood assures protection and resillence owing to its tenacity.
Immune to Chemicals
Unlike lesser quality materials, Bestwood offers excellent resistance to chemicals. This way products make of Bestwood do not get disfigured and retain their aesthetic appeal for a very long time. (As per guidelines)
Dent and Abrasion Resistant
While most other furnishing / display board materials are susceptible to dents, scratch and abrasion. Bestwood is resistant to all such casualities. This line qualtiy of Bestwood makes it grealty robust choice.
Excellent Insulation
Bestwood offers proper insulation and is therefore a suitable choice for false celings, partitions, cabinets and shields. With good accoustic effects as well, Bestwood makes and excellent material for different resident and commercial utilities.
Perfect to Print and Engrave
Being smooth surface PVC foam boards, BESTWOOD is easy to print and engrave upon. The aesthetic possibilities of designing BESTWOOD sheets for advertising/promotional merchandise are numerous.
Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean
Apt alike for regular official and residential purposes, BESTWOOD’s foam boards are stain resistant and easy to clean as well. Food or beverage stains will not scar furniture made from BESTWOOD. Being easy to clean makes BESTWOOD even more user friendly. (As per guidelines)