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Being one of the largest PVC foam board manufacturer in the country, we have witnessed a steady growth and demand for laminated boards. We have started fully automated lamination unit to meet this requirement and the end result is BESTLAM Lamination Boards. It is exclusively designed to suit any style and wish. We ensure careful monitoring of all steps in the manufacturing process to bring you the best quality innovation from time to time, keeping only one goal in mind to create exceptional décor.
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Qualities & Characteristics

  • Best and cost-effective laminates.
  • Cheaper to its alternatives like veneer and mica.
  • Highly durable, scratch free and waterproof.
  • Available in an array of multiple shades and textures.
  • Laminates available for almost any type of boards including PVC Foam Board, MDF, HDF etc.
  • Used in all surface table tops, doors, wardrobes and counters to reception desks and furniture
pvc Foam board wardrobe india

Acrylic Lamination Shades

Acrylic, a lacquer-like type of finish, is a non-toxic high gloss finish that can offer a perfectly smooth look to cabinets. It is available in a wide variety of colours and gives your kitchen cabinets a brilliant look.
pvc Foam board wardrobe kerala
BL AR - 101 White
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BL AR - 102 Grey
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BL AR - 103 Beige
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BL AR - 104 Red
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BL AR - 105 Violet
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BL AR - 106 Black
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BL AR - 501 Metalic Silver
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BL AR - 502 Metalic Beige
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Fusion Graphix Lamination Shades

Fusion Graphix boards come with a variety of designs mixed with woodgrain colours to give your interiors a premium outlook. It has a high density and thickness usable for small to a large area.
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BL FG - 2001
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BL FG - 2002
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BL FG - 2003
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BL FG - 2004
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BL FG - 2005
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BL FG - 2006
best acrylic lamination board kerala

PVC Film Lamination Shades

PVC laminate is a waterproof, termite proof and fire retardant PVC laminate which is bound to be used in stylish-minded people’s homes and offices. Cost is very affordable, and the new minimalist home design is incredibly delightful and almost heavenly for people with an obsessed atmosphere.
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BL - 1001
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BL - 1002
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BL - 1003
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BL - 1004
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BL - 1005
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BL - 1006
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BL - 1007
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BL - 1008
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BL - 1009
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BL - 1010
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BL - 1011
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BL - 1013
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BL - 1014
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BL - 1015
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BL - 1016
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BL - 1017
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BL - 1018
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BL - 1020