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Lamination Board

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BESTLAM is a high quality structural engineered product constituted by layers of dimensional lumber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. These are stronger, smoother and better looking than plain unfinished fiber boards. BESTLAM also require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. It can be sanded, primed and paint laminated as any piece of furniture! To retain the structural rigidity of these boards while doing acrylic or decorative laminates, the lamination must be applied on both sides.

Bestwood boards have diverse functions all over the wood industry and are mainly used for furniture office or home décor. They are eco-friendly, durable and acts as a life time investment due to its durability. Bestwood comes with hard surface with smooth finish ensuring any lamination and paint finishes.

Acrylic Lamination
Acrylic, a lacquer-like type of finish, is a non-toxic high gloss finish that can offer a perfectly smooth look to cabinets. It is available in a wide variety of colours and gives your kitchen cabinets a brilliant look.
Fusion Graphix Lamination
Fusion Graphix boards come with a variety of designs mixed with woodgrain colours to give your interiors a premium outlook. It has a high density and thickness usable for small to a large area.
PVC Film Lamination
PVC laminate is a waterproof, termite proof and fire retardant PVC laminate which is bound to be used in stylish-minded people’s homes and offices. Cost is very affordable, and the new minimalist home design is incredibly delightful and almost heavenly for people with an obsessed atmosphere.
Pre Laminated Board
There are several choices for decorating the pre-laminated boards. Each of our boards is impregnated with melamine and then pressed under controlled temperature and pressure. These boards are ideal for use with fragments, panels, false ceilings, shutters, mobilizers and door panel inserts.
High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
HPL - High Pressure Lamination is a ultra-modern four stage Cohering Technology from BESTLAM. Which retains the visual appeal of natural wood grains, provides excellent finish and greater durability.
Veneer Laminate
Veneer laminates are flat, smooth, uniform, dense and clear of knots and grain patterns and have superior surface quality. In addition, the benefits of using these substrates improve their dimensional stability, strength features and cost advantages.
WPC Laminate
WPC is a hybrid composite material which is known for its ability to shape any shape and size.
Available Thickness
18mm & other thickness available on demand.

Acrylic Lamination Shades

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BL AR - 101 White
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BL AR - 102 Grey
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BL AR - 103 Beige
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BL AR - 502 Metalic Beige

Fusion Graphix Lamination Shades

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BL FG - 2001
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BL FG - 2002
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BL FG - 2003
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PVC Film Lamination Shades

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BL - 1001
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BL - 1002
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BL - 1003
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BL - 1004
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